Southwestern Independent Living Center is a non-residential, private, nonprofit agency established in 1983, under the grant from the New York State Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. The purpose of the Independent Living Center is to provide services that will assist individuals with disabilities in reaching maximum independence and an enriched quality of life.

1983 - The Resource Center receives a grant from NYS to establish a Center for Independent Living. The original grant covered services in three counties; Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany. The first office space was the board room of the Resource Center on Jones and Gifford Ave. In the late summer of 1983, TRC finished remodeling the former Caprino's store on 880 East 2nd Street. SILC was given three rooms from which to operate. With a staff of five this was okay for the agency.

1984 - SILC , by contract became "independent" of the Resource Center. The resource Center continued to provide administrative assistance to SILC until 1987.

1987 - SILC received an offer form C.O.D.E. (Citizens Opportunity for Development Equality) to occupy the first floor of its office building at 368 Price Street, a converted store front. It was a temporary move while C.O.D.E. renovated a building at 878 North Main Street.

1988 - SILC establishes a center for independent living in Olean. This became Directions in Independent Living (DIIL) after the first year, per the contract with NYS.

1989 - SILC made the move to 878 N. Main Street. We occupied space there until the summer of 1994.

1989 - The Olean Center becomes independent of SILC. DIIL is now serving Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties.

1994 - SILC moved up the street to 843 North Main Street. SILC renovated the former North Main Pharmacy building. This provided almost double the space for our programs.

2000 - After renting for over 17 years, the decision was made to purchase the building at 843 North Main Street. During the summer an accessible door was put in and the heating duct work was upgraded. Work in the fall of the year included completion of the heating/cooling to provide air conditioning.

2001-We explored the possibility of expanding our office space. We looked at renovating the second floor of our building and putting in an elevator to access it. This proved to be a costly matter. So the suggestion was made to construct a NEW building on our vacant lot. In September construction began on a 1080 square foot expansion.

2003-In August we finally occupied the new building. Check out the "Gallary" page for some construction pictures.

2004- In October we purchased a new Ford van for our transportaion service.

2012- In September Richard Johnson retired. He had worked at SILC since 1987.

2012-In December Christine Ahlstrom retired. Chris had worked for SILC since 1983

2013-In August Helen Kern retired from SILC Helen had worked for SILC since 1983.