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Executive Director Marie T. Carrubba is the first and only executive director SILC has had. In 1983 Michael Raymond, of The Resource Center, hired Marie to be the first director. Marie is a graduate of the SUNY at Buffalo Law School. Marie is active in the community having served as member and Chair of the board of directors of both The Resouce Center and Chautauqua Opportunities.

Marie's law degree has enabled her to represent persons seeking Social Security benefits at the Administrative Law Judge hearing level. Her duties also include directing the staff of SILC. She has received training at several places in the content and inplementation of the ADA, The Americans with Disabilities Act.

Marie resides in Jamestown with her husband, and two sons.

Marie is available to address social and civic organizations on a variety of subjects. For more information contact SILC.

Independent Living Specialist III Linda Rumbaugh has served SILC since 1985 in the position of IL Specialist III. Her duties include processing client intakes, assisting the executive director in the processing of paperwork for social security claims, and sign lanuage services in the community.

Linda completed her MSW degree in 2002 at SUNY at Buffalo and became a certified Social Woker in 2003.

Linda lives with her husband in Frewsburg.

Bookkeeper James Grey was hired to fill the position of bookkeeper when Dick retired. He started in January 2012

Jim's responsibilities include financial bookkeeping, purchasing, grant reporting, computer program maintenance and upgrade, client budgeting assistance, overseeing membership and volunteer activities, and assistance with income tax preparation.

Jim lives in Jamestown with his wife and two sons.

Van Driver Donald Ellis is SILC's full time van driver. Don has been at SILC since 1995. Don's schedule takes him to all parts of Chautauqua County and beyond. SILC offers transportation that is wheelchair accessible and door-o-door. With a grant providing funding, Don also drives during evening and weekend hours. See our services page for more information.

Don is responsible for vehicle care, assisting with the scheduling of transportation, and office and equipment maintenance.

Don lives in the West Ellicott area with his wife. He has 3 grown daughters and is grandfather of six.

Mark Loomis, who is legally blind was hired in October 2013 as an Independent Living Specialist and will be assisting consumers with completing Social Security forms, selecting Medicare plans, independent living skills training, and peer support. Before coming to work at SILC, Mark worked for The Resource Center in vocational rehabilitation/employment services for 19 years. Mark lives in Frewsburg with his wife and 2 children.

Independent Living Specialist I Kevin P. Bimber attended Jamestown Community College and has an education in accounting, business, and computers. He’s worked for a variety of businesses (for-profit, government, non-profit) but enjoys the non-profit sector most.

Kevin came in as a volunteer at the end of 2012 and was hired part-time in September 2013. His responsibilities include answering the telephone, filing, faxing, and performing other office duties as necessary, including putting together the newsletter.

Kevin was born and raised right here in Jamestown, New York.